While following the same disciplined approach for each client to financial planning as advocated by the CFP™ process,  Landmark's solutions differ for each client; there's no corporate cookie-cutter template to "fit" into.  The goal is to make you aware of strengths 

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mutual funds, index funds, and exchange-traded funds, and not through active management or market-timing approaches.  Proper diversification, while not eliminating the volatile swings of the market entirely, make gyrations easier to take when you can see parts of your portfolio zig while other portions zag.  Long term, studies show investing in equities is the only way to keep ahead of inflation, and even those nearing/in retirement should consider a portion of their assets be equities.

Landmark believes there are better uses of your time and efforts that 
of the portfolio or in everyday applications that may be taken for granted.  We'll help you determine how much retained risk is acceptable, according to your temperament, and identify how to best protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected events. 
are far more satisfying and personally rewarding than trying to keep abreast of the enormous financial media machine and attempting to pick winners, whether stocks or mutual funds.      
and weaknesses of your overall financial situation, or the particular issue you have sought assistance with.  Identifying issues and proposing alternatives is our job; yours is making the informed decision. 
Landmark believes investing with a long-term investment horizon, such as for retirement, is best accomplished through passively-managed
By coming to us, you'll be able to tailor an asset allocation that fits your goals and tolerances and is simple to implement on your own.  
Landmark is not solely focused on investments and allocations.  Underappreciated in the financial planning process is understanding and weighing risk, whether as part